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Karminn EzyPro, is an enterprise compliance platform bundled with maintenance management as a cloud service, fast to deploy, easy to use, integrated and adaptable.
Basic Information
Karminn offers a range of Management System Solutions using powerful cloud-based software - the EzyPro™ suite. Karminn EzyPro - ISO Transition Software is for compliance to integrated standards covering activities such as internal auditing, incident management , documentation, action tracking, meeting management, calibration and compliance tracking, employee training records, work orders and lite inspections. Karminn EzyPro - Healthcare Hospital Quality Management System (HQMS) Software supports compliance with the requirements of National Accreditation Board (NABH) for Hospitals & Health Care Providers and Joint Commission International (JCI)). This is a special edition of this suite. Since inception, Karminn is quietly confident that – apart from standards compliance - the model will result in significant productivity gains for the Customer and redefine the role of Management systems and audits in tune with the emerging digital era of cloud and mobile technology. They will become a powerful means of identifying strengths and quickly addressing weaknesses. Karminn’s EzyPro ™ system puts power back to where it belongs - in the Customer’s hands, so that management systems will deliver improvement initiatives on a continuous basis. The Customer is empowered to take immediate remedial action for each improvement area that has been identified and gains the long-term advantages of process improvement, data digitization, searchable data archives and industry benchmarks for referencing their ongoing performance.
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Karminn Consultancy Network
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
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Manoj Kumar Pandit
Ramesh Krishnakumar
CEO and Director
Hari Pillay