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Kislay Veggifatm strives to improve farmer's productivity, income and market access by increasing predictability and efficiency using AI and data based agri-tech platforms.
Basic Information
Kislay Veggifarm is a data and AI based agri-tech company for fresh fruits and vegetables. The platform works with farmers to improve their productivity and income. It also provides them an informed demand based advisory of when and what to grow so that they can get the best return. Kislay also informs them on best practices for their crops like timing and quantity of inputs. Further provides access to best solutions for their crop related needs and issues so that they can get best yield. Lastly, it provides a better market access by directly buying their produce and selling to vegetable shops and restaurants. This eliminates middle layers, reduces wastage (due to reduced handling and transit time) and provides a better price to both farmers and retailers. As an example, the wastage percent for vegetables in its supply chain is around 10% compared to more than 20% when sold through Mandis.
Legal Name
Kislay Veggifarm Pvt Ltd
Nagpur, Maharashtra, India
Business Model
Founding Date
No. of Employees
41 to 60
Core Team
Ramashish Baranwal
Co Founder
Paresh Sethy
Co Founder
Bhaskar Upadhyaya
Co Founder & Director
Rajesh K Malviya
Co-Founder & Director

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Company Incorporation

May | Company Incorporation

Company Incorporated

Product Launch

Aug | Product Launch

Services launched in Nagpur


Raised Funding

Mar | Raised Funding

Raised seed funding

Revenue Stream
Target Market
Vegetable shops, restaurants and grocery stores
Client Segment
AgriTech,  E-Commerce  
Target Companies
Small Enterprise,  Medium Enterprise  
Target Geography