Cocoatrait is an initiative to bring the best fine chocolates to consumers in India for their appreciation.

Basic Information

Chennai based Cocoatrait was founded by L Nitin Chordia who is India’s first certified chocolate taster. The company operates a bean to bar chocolate making institute called Cocoashala and offer a 3-day bean to bar chocolate making program. They have also partnered with IICCT, UK to administer the Chocolate Tasting Certification courses in India. Cocoatrait also is a marketplace for baking essentials like cocoa powder, baking chocolate, cocoa nibs and different types of chocolates (plain dark, jaggery, dark milk Irish cream chocolates to name a few) and ceremonial cacao which is roasted and ground whole shelled organic cacao beans. See more



Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Founding Date



No. of Employees


11 to 20

Core Team


L Nitin Chordia

Founder & CPO


Poonam Chordia