Kold Pure Press offers healthy, tasty, versatile oils. It retains the maximum nutrition since they are freshly extracted by cold pressing finest quality seeds, nuts and kernels, carefully and responsibly sourced from local farms. See more

Basic Information

The Chennai based Kold Pure Press strive to provide you with the wholesome and purest of what nature has to offer in the form of our cold-pressed oils consciously. The idea is to make products with honest ingredients that we use for our family, from children to grandparents keeping their well-being in mind. Their products are completely chemical and preservative-free. These oils are pure quality nutritional plant-based products & are available for consumption purposes. The company is also the direct distributor in the South Korean market, known for its beauty products. See more

Legal Name


Kold Pure Press



Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, India

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Core Team


Deepak Paranthaman