Kraft Seeds is a complete online seeds store offering flower seeds in India.

Basic Information

New Delhi based is a one-stop online shop that has the best and widest range of gardening products. It has evolved from selling seeds to making gardening a delightful experience. Their customers’ demand, new technology and their passion have facilitated to bring more variety of seeds, manures, pots & planters, innovative and handy tools for a comforting gardening experience. Kraft Seeds is in the gardening business for over two decades with a family of 100,000 happy customers. Kraft Seeds is bringing happiness, health and sunshine in the gardens and lives of their customers. With 20 years of an experienced team of professionals, ranging from the research department to logistics, we have made gardening evolve from hobby to passion. Gardening is no more activity to pass the time; our most comprehensive range of seeds, soil-enriching nutrients, and different variety of tools is making it a rewarding affair that one wishes to indulge in every day. Their product range begins from flower seeds, vegetable seeds, herb seeds, exotic seeds to a wide range of tool kits that not only make gardening easy but artistic as well. And they also offer economic and exotic range of pots & planters which is there to exhibit the produce/ outcomes of their customers’ hard work. Kraft Seeds has been working persistently to make the gardening experience one of its kinds. They bring plants to the platter - satiating thetaste buds, flowers to flowerpots – beautifying homes and offices and pastime to a scheduled activity- so that their customers can experience the serenity of nature & removing stress from their lives. See more



New Delhi, Delhi, India

Founding Date



No. of Employees


41 to 60

Core Team


Gaurav PAHWA

Founder & CEO