Kroop AI is providing an affordable and real time Analysis and detection of Deepfakes.

Basic Information

Gandhinagar, Gujarat based Kroop AI Kroop AI's powerful multimodal deep learning-based platform detects and analyzes deepfakes in detail across different platforms and information mediums. The threat from manipulated media is real. Their idea is to take their state-of-the-art deepfakes detection platform to masses to stop spread of disinformation. The platform is based on audio-visual signals based deep learning AI algorithms. Kroop AI is strongly committed to project reality by uncovering the falsified information. They are a group of machine learning researchers and engineers with the aim to debunk fake content. Kroop AI’s VizMantiz is state of the art, readily deployable, AI enabled platform for businesses and individuals to identify fake content by detecting audio, video, or image manipulation. Their Salient Features: State-of-the-art – They have implemented State-of-the-art performing Neural Networks; Multi Layered Detection - They use Multi Layered deepfake detection method to precisely look find anomaly; Detailed Analysis - They provide temporal as well as spatial localisation of distortion with easy to understand visualization. See more

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Kroop AI Private Limited



Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India

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Dr Jyoti Joshi



Sarthak Gupta



Milan Chaudhari