Kukclean is a plant based vegan wholesome healthy store.

Basic Information

KuKClean was Co-founded by Kirti Yadav and Akar Mishra. Some of their product offerings are dry fruit laddoos, granola, baked ajwain whole wheat, organic peanut butter, premium nuts and seets trail mix, banana walnut cupcakes, whole wheat bread among many others. All their products are preservative free along with being vegan, wholesome and healthy. Moreover, they offer KuKClean Lifestyle Programs where the focus is not only on the diet but changing the whole lifestyle which includes exercise, sleep, emotions, relationships. They offer corporate workshops as well. See more



Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Founding Date



No. of Employees



Core Team


Kirti Yadav

Co-founder & CEO


Akar Misra

Co-Founder & Director