Kumon Institute Education Co. Ltd. is an educational network created by Toru Kumon which uses his Kumon Method to teach mathematics and reading primarily for young students.

Basic Information

Kumon was founded by Toru Kumon, a Japanese educator, in July 1958, opening the first Kumon Maths Centre in Moriguchi City, Osaka. Kumon is an enrichment or remedial program, where instructors and assistants tailor instruction for individual students. Each student is given an initial assessment of his or her abilities, called the Kumon Diagnostic Test. Each test has a range of 20–60 questions. Based on the results and the student's study skills, a Kumon Instructor will create an individualized-study plan. Students commonly begin Kumon at an 'easy starting point' to build study habits, concentration and a strong understanding of the fundamental topics. As students progress, Kumon Instructors plan for students to study at a difficulty level that aims to challenge students so they remain motivated but not so difficult as to discourage them. Kumon has two core programs, the Kumon Math and Kumon Native Language Program. There are also Kumon Japanese and Kumon Kokugo courses for Japanese language speakers and a Pencil Skills Program for younger students. See more

Legal Name


Kumon North America, Inc.



Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, United States of America

Founding Date



No. of Employees


501 to 1000

Core Team


Toru Kumon



Hidenori Ikegami