Lapis Data Analytics is transforming business through enriched and quality data using their vast industry experience.

Basic Information

Chennai, Tamil Nadu based Lapis Data Analytics has a rich experience in harvesting the product data and promotional marketing data information from both web and mobile platforms whether the sites use the JSON, HTML, XML, SQL, AJAX, Flash, PDF unstructured data formats. They can scrape data from websites that are hard to reach for traditional crawlers such as sites with built in security mechanism whether it has form-based authentication, client or server-side certificates for authentication, SSL or TLS based encryption, site enabled with Captcha to mimic the human behavior, bypassing proxy, bypassing anti scraping bot Detection Techniques, dynamically loaded by JavaScript, etc. They have been helping organizations stay on the cutting-edge technologies by developing products and modern applications that are scalable, flexible, secure, robust and easily maintainable. They work collaboratively with their customers to deliver projects through Agile development methodology with built in quality assurance and transparency. They have project management professionals with more than 20+years of managing mission critical large projects and would be playing the key role to gather the requirements from their customers and establish a plan to support effort, cost schedule and critical milestones. See more

Legal Name


Lapis Data Analytics Pvt Ltd



Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Founding Date



No. of Employees


11 to 20

Core Team


Rajesh Mishra

Managing Director