LeadInvent Pharma Inc. is harnessing the power of nanotechnology and laser for eradicating brain cancer

Basic Information

LeadInvent Pharma Inc. (LIP), is a nano-medicine company, developing gel formulation for enhancing brain cancer surgery. The company has HQ in the US (Philadelphia) with India R&D center in Kochi (Kerala). Their cofounding and advisory team consists of Pharma and oncology professionals which brings over 350 man-year experience in drug development and pharma science. They are working towards their mission to eliminate brain cancer and enhance quality of life for cancer patients. Their focus is to rapidly develop their nanotechnology-enabled product from the lab to the clinic. They are certain that localized, targeted, tumor-specific treatment will not only create enhanced cancer therapy but also reduce the side effect burden that patients experience with most current cancer therapies. LeadInvent Pharma has created a unique gel (GBGel) that could be directly applied onto the tumor resected cavity. GBGel is engineered to kill cancer cells upon getting excited with a low power laser. A single dose of GBGel completely eliminates brain cancer in Wistar rats without recurrence. Preliminary toxicity studies indicate that GBGel is well tolerated with no observed side-effects at the treatment dose. See more

Legal Name


LeadInvent Pharma Inc



Exton, Pennsylvania, United States

Founding Date



No. of Employees


11 to 20

Core Team


Pankaj Sharma

Co-Founder & MD