LonePack is an NGO aimed at shattering the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

Basic Information

Chennai, Tamil Nadu based LonePack is a social non-profit founded in response to the rising rates of depression, stress, trauma, and anxiety among the Indian youth. LonePack envisions a world where the battles against issues like social anxiety and depression aren’t fought in the shadows anymore. They provide a platform for people to understand mental health better thereby empowering them to help themselves and their loved ones. The stigma surrounding mental health issues in India is a major barrier preventing people from opening up and seeking help. The first step in breaking the stigma is by engaging in open discussion and dispelling misconceptions that cloud public perception. Their Campaigns: LonePack Letters - Helping spread smiles across the globe, one letter at a time; LonePack Buddy - Their anonymous peer-to-peer support system; #MentalHealthMatters - A campaign with the aim of taking the conversation of mental health forward; Mental Health Professionals Directory - Their repository of information on crowd sourced mental health professional; Mental Health Repository - Their repository of information on mental health and illnesses; LonePack Conversations - Their series of conversations with experts on mental health. Their Collaborations: Swedish Institute, Teen Mental Health, Minds Foundation, Uber, DAV Group of Schools and SRM. See more



Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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21 to 40

Core Team


Naveen Hariharan



Samiya Nasim



Siddhaarth Sudhakaran