Product Ecosystem for High Technology Industry verticals like Optical fiber, Green hydrogen, UV/EB, Solar & Carbon fiber.

Basic Information is a B2B Social Commerce Platform for the global manufacturing community to 1. Discover and share new technologies, 2. Generate leads, source and sell in the your product network, 3. Educate and engage customers and suppliers through product updates. The platform enables every manufacturer to build their product ecosystem comprising of all their products, suppliers, applications and customers related to their technology. Users can follow the products of their interest which will allow them to can stay upto date with latest events happening in the world, news, industry insights related to those products. They can discover new suppliers and customers, access latest videos, articles and make industry connections. See more

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Mappes, Inc



Fairfax, Virginia, United States of America

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Ankit Singhal



Ramya Anudeep

Marketing Director