MiH Ventures is an investment startup focused exclusively on emerging digital assets and blockchain technology.

Basic Information

Founded in 2017, MiH Ventures is a venture capital firm. Their mission is to accelerate the inevitable future of the blockchain economy by supporting as many innovations as possible in the present ecosystem. In addition, their support structure for blockchain start-ups helps them achieve maximum exposure during critical roadmap events, which helps boost recognition and community support globally. MIH stands for “Make It Happen” and their values revolve exactly around that. They look for qualities that enable success, primarily leadership, strategy, vision, and integrity. In addition, their portfolio of projects is selected based on this criterion, not just as a company but also within the individuals steering it. They have invested on companies like Biconomy, Quant, Matic, Sovrin, and Hypernet to name a few. See more

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MIH Ventures



New Delhi, Delhi, India

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Sahil Goel