Moonbeam is an ML-led podcast discovery app.

Basic Information

Moonbeam blends machine learning with manual curation to offer a personalised podcast feed to every listener. It not only aids in the discovery of newer, niche, and lesser-known podcasts that are lost in larger audio ecosystems, but also enables creators to connect, engage, and expand their audiences better. Similar to TikTok’s ‘For You’ page, Moonbeam presents 100-120 second podcast clips on a swipeable feed known as the ‘Beam’. If listeners don’t like the content, they can swipe up to the next clip (or swipe down to the previous one). Moonbeam’s aim is to surprise listeners with stimulating discoveries instead of pushing repetitive algorithmic feeds that typically include only well-known shows or celebrity podcasts. Unlike other podcast discovery apps, listeners also have the option of tipping creators directly from the app. See more



Boulder, Colorado, United States

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Paul English

Co-founder & CEO