Morphing Machines Pvt Ltd is a closely held fabless semiconductor company based in Bangalore.

Basic Information

Morphing Machine’s focus is on innovations centered around REDEFINE™, a runtime reconfigurable many-core processor. REDEFINE™ is a many-core SoC platform, in which domain specific architectures (DSAs) for mixed critical application tasks are instantiated on demand upon an event. The market verticals that stands to benefit from the REDEFINE™ SoC are Avionics, Automotives, and 5G/6G Telecom. Similarly, REDEFINE™ will feature as an accelerator for a horizontal market spanning applications for high performance Big Data Analytics, Genome Analytics, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Large Scale Scientific Simulations, immersive gaming and visualizations. The REDEFINE™ architecture offers seamless scalability from 16-cores to 4K-cores without any software changes. Multiple, and diverse accelerators are realized on REDEFINE™'s SoC as diverse DSAs, all of them co-existing on the same chip. Different configurations of REDEFINE™ are toroidal mesh interconnections of base REDEFINE™ nodes. They can enable customers and businesses around the world to build energy efficient high performance systems and solutions. Their semiconductor IP, systems, and solutions can be licensed to key customers around the world. See more

Legal Name


Morphing Machines Pvt Ltd



Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Founding Date



No. of Employees


11 to 20

Core Team


Ranjani Narayan

Co-Founder and CEO