Nanospan provides nanomaterial based solutions.

Basic Information

Nanospan is a graphene based nano composites R&D pioneer, developing cutting edge materials for Energy storage, Nano concrete additives that meet civil construction challenges in a climate change era, Conductive inks for Smart wall interfaces and conductive components for smart-fabrics/wearables. Nanospan is one of the few companies in the world to successfully develop and test their graphene composites in the above-mentioned commercially ready, real world applications Nanospan's technical expertise is dispersing graphene and other nano-additives into the standard base-materials to form nanocomposites that offer several orders of magnitude in performance properties (eg. energy storage, conductivity, sensing, hydrophobicity, bio compatibility) and strength improvements over the reference materials. See more

Legal Name


Nanospan, Inc.



San Jose, California, United States of America

Business Model



Founding Date



No. of Employees


11 to 20

Core Team


Ravi Nuguru

Co-Founder & CEO


VenkataRamana Gedela

Co-Founder & Principal Scientist