Nentr is helping ideators to get started on their entrepreneurial journey.

Basic Information

Hyderabad, Telangana based Nentr intend to facilitate the path towards entrepreneurship with the required knowledge, network, and help for a first-time entrepreneur, thereby creating a better opportunity to realise their entrepreneurial dreams. They are founded on the need to democratise entrepreneurship. Their goal is to accelerate the entrepreneurial journey by empowering aspiring entrepreneurs with the right knowledge, network and tools. Their Offerings: Workflow Based Guide - A workflow based guide, helping student entrepreneurs at each stage with a check list of activities; Virtual Private Workspace - A private workspace to collaborate with team and manage tasks; Collaboration - Collaboration between industry experts and students - Hackathon events, Solutions from students for problem statements from experts., Help intern hiring on practical outcome rather than just bookish knowledge; Team Building - Identify cofounders and contributors who are interested and willing to be part of your idea; Sharing Ideas - Share ideas on the platform even if it is in a very raw state to receive early feedback; Marketplace - Access to third party service providers who can help with legal, compliance, patents and development; Knowledge - Understand what is entrepreneurship and what does it take to become an entrepreneur. See more

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Nentr India Private Limited



Hyderabad, Telangana, India

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Core Team


Manu Hegde

Co Founder


Gowtham Thotapalli

Co-Founder & CEO