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Niral Networks provides private 5G Infrastructure as a service for last mile connectivity in enterprise, industrial, rural, defence sectors etc. using its open network operating system called NiralOS.
Basic Information
Niral Networks aims to democratise 5G and edge networking infrastructure by providing 5G infrastructures as a service for last mile connectivity in enterprise, defense, rural, agriculture, mining, etc. using its open and disaggregated network operating system called NiralOS. NiralOS is integrated with COTS hardware. Niral Networks collaborates with its customer to reduce the risk of vendor lock-in. The only way to reduce proprietary vendor lock-in of network infrastructure is to embrace open standard, open hardware and open source. NiralOS is curated over the open source software and it helps customers transform from being vendor controlled to being vendor agnostic enabling faster innovation, better collaboration, enhance security and lower cost.
Legal Name
Niral Networks Private Limited
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Business Model
B2B,  B2G  
Founding Date
No. of Employees
11 to 20
Core Team
Abhijit Chaudhary
Co-Founder & CEO
Inder Gopal
Co-Founder & Chairman
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Product Launch

Jan | Product Launch

Niral Networks came out of stealth mode and announced its product NiralOS - an open Network Operating System for 5G and Edge Cloud.

Strategic Partnership

Mar | Strategic Partnership

Signed partnership with ODMs in Taiwan, India and US for white box hardware integration.

Key Customer Milestone

May | Key Customer Milestone

Signed the first commercial agreement with Customer for 5G.


Aug | Awards

Niral Networks was mentioned as a key 5G Technology player from India in a NASSCOM report.

Stepped into New Market

Sep | Stepped into New Market

Niral Networks opened its Sales and Marketing office in the US.

Revenue Stream
Target Market
Telecom Operators upgrading their network for 5G and Edge Cloud. Cloud Operators upgrading their data center network. Internet Service Provider upgrading their transport network.
Client Segment
DeepTech,  Security,  Software,  Technology  
Target Companies
Medium Enterprise,  Large Enterprise  
Target Geography