Production driven procurement for India's 140B$ Metal Manufacturing Industry

Basic Information

NowPurchase is currently focused on the 19B$ foundry and castings industry. We provide foundries with: 1. Smart: Proprietary software to optimize production process 2. Reliable: Complete ownership as a supplier. Reliable & strict quality check and inspection. 3. Transparent: Real time stock and price availability through our WhatsApp Bot. We deal with all core production inputs like Ferro Alloys, Additives, Nodularizers, Scrap & Pig Iron among others. See more

Legal Name


Biz Hero India Private Limited



Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Business Model



Founding Date


14th Apr 2017

No. of Employees


21 to 40

Core Team


Naman Shah



Ankan Adhikari

Co-Founder & CTO