NSquareIT Offshore Agency provides an ecosystem to help expand businesses successfully in India by incorporating companies in India, by using its in-depth knowledge about EOR , PEO and Payroll services. See more

Basic Information

NSquareIT Offshore Agency is one stop solution for startups to fly right past the Cost, Delay, HR & Payroll complexity, and Legal liability of hiring the Indian talent. We have a proven track record working with UK-based companies. We have 5 companies that we have partnered with to take care of their team building in India. We can assist you with any or all of the below:   Getting local Company Registrations and Certifications, Procurement of IT infrastructure for office and/or employees, Drafting Company Policy Document, Drafting all the Human Resources Policies, Onboarding and OffboardingPayroll ManagementNOA provides the people, processes, and technology to grow your business faster. Our customized and scalable solutions help you to minimize cost, reduce risk, and increase productivity. NSquareIT added CFO services for startups and small to medium size IT companies in India. See more

Legal Name


NSquareIT Offshore Agency



Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Business Model



Founding Date


8th Sep 2015

No. of Employees


61 to 100

Core Team


Navin Khabiya



Nehal Khabiya

Co Founder

Revenue Streams

Target Market



User Age


26 to 34

User Income


Lower-middle Income



Client Segment


Developer Tools, Recruitment, Cryptocurrency, Services

Target Companies


Startup, Small Enterprise

Target Geography