Omega Seiki focuses on manufacturing cold-forming parts for the automotive and rail industries in India and abroad.

Basic Information

Omega Seiki Private Limited is a member of the Anglian Omega Network. Apart from manufacturing parts for the automotive and rail industries, it makes high-precision machining powertrain parts using the latest high-value cutting-edge technologies. At present the company has its base in Faridabad & Chennai which cater to the two major hubs for OEM's in India. The company is now expanding our horizon further to EV Mobility. They decided to target the cargo segment for the 3 wheelers which caters to major intra-city movement of goods. Last mile for e-commerce is a major targeted market for them. The entire design and development has been done by their in-house design team. They have come up with two electric vehicles namely, Rage and Rage +. With a top speed of 45km/h, the two vehicles provide a range of 70-80 km in a single charge and come with a 7.5KwH battery that has a battery warranty of 2000 cycles. See more

Legal Name


Omega Seiki Pvt. Ltd



New Delhi, Delhi, India

Founding Date



No. of Employees


41 to 60

Core Team


Dr Deb Mukherji

Managing Director


Neeraj Kumar Budhiraja

Chief Financial Officer