OCL is a creative house to support independent, urban creative subcultures in India and the world.

Basic Information

Orbs Cure Labs is a creative house started with the intention of being a support system for independent, underground performing artists who are the voices behind subcultural narratives in their eco-system. They became particularly active during the pandemic, where a lot of members of their arts community who are primarily performing artists, took a hit, because nightlife and performance spaces took a hit. They came together to create, collaborate, and enable performance platforms to raise resources for their community to sustain themselves. Their music imprints OCL Records is a direct result of that, where they created a digital platform for upcoming artists from South Asia and the world to document and showcase their works. See more

Legal Name


Orbs Cure Labs LLP



Goa, , India

Business Model



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Core Team


Gowri Jayakumar



Ryan Kardam