Orchard Press offers cold pressed oils which have no pesticide residue, no trans-fat and are absolutely cholesterol-free.

Basic Information

Orchard Press takes inspiration from the needs of a modern day family kitchen and tries to craft bespoke products to make healthy living. What it does is, it extracts the potential of nature; no additives, no fillers, and no added fragrances. Just the goodness of pure, organic ingredients. Its organic oil seeds are first ground into an even paste in clusters and then subjected to a slow churning process called malaxation. The churning produces the healthiest cooking oil to be squeezed out as a steady trickle. Although time consuming, it allows for sweet and nutty flavours to shine through while preserving the inherent goodness of the ingredients. As a result the oils produced are rich in not just taste and flavour, but also in healthy antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Some of the oils offered are Groundnut Oil, Mustard Oil, Rice Bran Oil, and Sesame Oil. See more

Legal Name


Aranyaka Lifestyles Pvt. Ltd



Pune, Maharashtra, India

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Core Team


Sumesh Thakur

Co Founder


Abhishek Labhala

Co Founder and CEO