OrgLens studies the network relationships, analyses the differences in network behaviour of diverse groups and their current level of immersion.

Basic Information

OrgLens has created a platform (also called OrgLens) to unravel the informal networks within an organisation and go deep into the dynamics between people exploring trust in relationships. The OrgLens platform is designed to help leaders make effective decisions on strategy, execution, identification of talent, engagement, culture, etc. This is of immense importance to leaders in an organisation, especially when two entities are merging or a division is being hived off or there is poor employee morale or high attrition rates. Employees are asked seven questions to map their relationships within the organisation. This helps develop active Organisation Network Analysis (ONA). Using online responses, the algorithm-based OrgLens platform helps build visual relationship maps to generate insights. Similarly, using existing email and meeting invite data in a company OrgLens can generate passive ONA to generate insights. Using online survey tool ONA can handle a large number of people. Cloud based OrgLens has the capacity to map thousands of people in organisations. See more

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Orglens Consultancy Private Limited



New Delhi, Delhi, India

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Santhosh Babu

Founder & CEO


Vijayraj Kamat

Chief Operating Officer