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Paash & Associates is a tax and legal consultancy firm and has its headquarters in Pune and branch office in Mumbai.
Basic Information
Paash & Associates is a tax and legal consultancy firm, striving to add value to the business of its clients while giving due regard to their commercial interests. They understand clients’ business requirements and thus believe in solution-oriented approach with a commitment to deliver services in quick realistic time frames. As a young consulting firm, Paash & Associates aims to assist in the smooth running of clients’ operations, to cover challenges & opportunities encountered throughout their business life cycle. At Paash & Associates, they hold finely tuned legal & business experience, allowing them to provide excellent yet cost-effective services to their clients.The Firm operates in a wide spectrum of fields across a range of market segments viz. – MNCs, software, manufacturing, real estate & construction, IT technology (including KPOs & BPOs), healthcare, educational institution, trust & NGOs, marketing and retail sectors etc.
Pune, Maharashtra, India
Business Model
Founding Date
No. of Employees
21 to 40
Core Team
Payal Solanki
Senior Legal Advisor
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