PixelFlow is an intro maker and text animator Android app for YouTubers, Social media marketers and digital content creators.

Basic Information

PixelFlow is a tool that lets users create simple, animated intros to which they can add whatever text you like. In PixelFlow there are many animations and custom text backgrounds created professionally only for this application and one can customise it according to their needs. PixelFlow can also produce complicated animations of text effects such as animated background. PixelFlow follows the principles of flat design text animation, also known as 2D animation and motion graphics principles, to animate text effects. This application also has a unique fund type called dynamic backgrounds. This type of background can be modified to the color combinations of the desired brand. All dynamic backgrounds are abstract backgrounds that are suitable for 2D text animation. See more



San Mateo, California, United States of America

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Patrick Sculley

Chief Executive Officer