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Plantix serves as a complete solution for crop production and management.
Basic Information
The Plantix app is specialized for all major crops, available in many languages and easy-to-use. This makes Plantix the number one agricultural app for disease detection, pest control and yield increase. It covers 30 major crops and detects 500 plant damages. It is available in 18 languages, and there has been more than 15 million downloads. Plantix is the world’s most downloaded app for farmers - combining artificial intelligence and the expertise of leading research institutions around the globe. Millions of customers use Plantix in order to identify diseases and nutrient deficiencies affecting their crops.
Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Founding Date
No. of Employees
251 to 500
Core Team
Simone Strey
Co-Founder & CEO
Rob Strey
Co-Founder & CTO
Pierre Munzel
Co-Founder & CFO
Bianca Kummer
Co-Founder & Rollout Manager

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