Podolite is a footwear platform which was founded in 2004 with an inspiration that was sparked by facing issues with general footwear that is being sold out there.

Basic Information

Podolite’s specialization is that it sourced the softest and cushioning material that can be used in making footwear so comfortable. It is also believed that the feet is one of the vital body parts that requires an excessive cushioning layer. The footwear that it makes is made through MCP insoles. When you visit an orthopedist to find a solution for your excessive foot pain, he is going to recommend switching to more comfortable footwear, especially the one made from MCP. The platform has helped over a million customers in walking more pain-less. It offers products like Podolite Prince (Gents), Podolite knight (Gents), Podolite Dual MCP Slippers, Podolite Diafoot, Podolite Victor, Podolite Niwar, Podolite Single Layer MCP Soft Slippers to name just a few. See more

Legal Name


Podo Lite Footcare Private Limited



Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Founding Date



No. of Employees


11 to 20

Core Team


Uttam jain

Chief Executive Officer