PS-1925 (Droaerody Private Limited) is an AI-based drone startup for climate-smart agriculture and precision spraying.

Basic Information

PS-1925 is an AI-Based drone startup that is tackling the issue of precision spraying in agriculture by inventing drones. Krishi PS-1925 is their product which brings affordable crop protection drone technology to farmers, thus saving time and increasing the crop yield. They use standardised, calculated formulations by experts and scientists, and AI algorithms to inform the UAVs (drones) when and where they should be spraying pesticides, to ensure they are only using pesticides where and when they need them. For example, the UAV knows precisely where to begin spraying and then returns to its exact original location via GPS technology. The farmer doesn’t need to do anything, and the data is then shared to their mobile devices or laptops. PS-1925 has 2,000 early adopting customers in eastern Uttar Pradesh. The cost of spraying is Rs 2,000/hectare (approximately) which is customised depending on the type of crop, crop season, and other parameters. See more

Legal Name


Droaerody Private Limited



New Delhi, Delhi, India

Founding Date



No. of Employees


11 to 20

Core Team


Shefali Vinod Ramteke



Paawan Kumar

Founder & CEO