Q Blocks is building supercomputers for high performance computing applications like ML model training, running simulations, big data analytics etc.

Basic Information

Ontario based Q Blocks is a computing company that builds affordable supercomputers. Their vision is to connect and cluster together billions of smart devices like smartphones, X boxes, and gaming stations to provide affordable distributed supercomputers to those who can’t access them right now. Q Blocks helps crypto-miners and gamers make money from their idle machines, while allowing Data Scientists or Engineers from all over the world to use incredible computing capabilities in an affordable manner. By using a distributed network of miners/volunteers, Q Blocks can provide anyone with access to a powerful GPU to power their applications in a transparent manner, while also rewarding the owners of those GPUs. In the second stage, Q Blocks users will be able to access a cluster of GPUs (30–50) to run their computationally expensive applications in a very short time span. In the final stage, Q Blocks aims to provide users access to a 1000 GPU cluster, skyrocketing the speed of any computer they have used up to then, and allowing users to train their Machine Learning models in the blink of an eye. See more



Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Saurabh Vij

Co-Founder & CEO


Gaurav Vij

Co-Founder & CTO