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NEP 2020 co-creation platform for Grade 1-12 on Coding, AI & Robotics offering to 30K+ worldwide.
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Since inception in 2016, QtPi Robotics has built an ecosystem of over 30,000 children aged between 7-17 across India, since we started in 2016. It's about time we pull students out of the rat race and teach them how to think instead of what to think! With QTPI you become part of an eco-system that believes that ‘learning through creating’ is ageless. Today, it’s about learning to be analytical and logical by creating through coding and robotics. And we know, creation using robotics, will make an impact in the real world, now and tomorrow. Fellow earthlings, let’s hop, skip and jump into the future by unlocking our imaginations through QTPI Robotics.
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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21 to 40
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Anto Jerlin