Recruiterlane is a team of young, energetic and a vibrant people aiming to make the tedious task of recruitment hassle free and cost effective.

Basic Information

Mumbai-based Recruiterlane specialises in recruiting promising talent for startups and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) based on detailed briefing specifications, enabling their clients to concentrate on their core functions by taking away the necessary pain of screening and recruitment. All their services are designed to provide maximum client care in all steps of recruiting the best employees to suit business needs. Not only do they ensure that their selected candidate suits the employment position in question with regard to the required professional qualifications, but they also assure that their personal aims regarding professional development are parallel to the company ethics so as to ensure long-term retainment after employment commences. For a fixed pre-decided payment, they offer clients the unique ability to hire as many as required candidates within a fixed predetermined time period as opposed to them incurring charges for every candidate hired via Recruiterlane. See more

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Mumbai, Maharashtra , India

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11 to 20

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Wasim Khan



Hemin Sheth



Disha modi

Co-Founder & Head of Delivery