Regenf generates an authorizing platform for swapping/trading of product-based goods in a secure and rapid manner.

Basic Information

Regenf provides a nurturing bond between both verified buyers and sellers. Regenf working to produce a regeneration framework which involves reusing, sharing, and recycling existing materials and products as long as possible. Regenf focuses on product reuse which will be supportive for circular economy. It will tackle global challenges such as biodiversity loss, climate change, landfill and pollution. See more

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Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Business Model



Founding Date



No. of Employees



Core Team


Mehala Govindaraj

Co Founder


Karthick Sundaram

Co Founder

Target Market


Regenf Collecting good conditioned household/office hold unused products from clients and it serves to the required customers. Regenf plays this role by both offline and online.

User Age


18 to 25, 26 to 34, 35 to 45, 46 to 60, More than 60

User Income


Lower Income, Lower-middle Income, Upper-middle Income, High Income