RMSI Cropalytics is an agri-tech start-up providing detailed information and data analytics on Indian agriculture.

Basic Information

RMSI Cropalytics aims to organize all relevant data related to natural calamities and the agriculture industry in order to throw a sharp light on agrarian distress hotspots, to enable help to reach those who need it, when they need it. RMSI Cropalytics focuses on data analytics, that combines advanced modelling, machine learning, and crop and meteorological domain expertise to provide solutions to decision-makers in government, crop insurance, agriculture input sector, commodity trading and social sector. It is a subsidiary of RMSI, one of the largest geospatial employers with an employee base of over 4000 resources and a company that is consistently ranked amongst the top companies to work for. RMSI is a global leader in geospatial and engineering solutions. These solutions address global issues of climate change, natural calamities, human habitation, food security, autonomous transportation, smart utilities and networks. Cropalytics has 50 employees (on roll) and about 100 employees (off rolls). See more

Legal Name


RMSI Cropalytics Private Limited



Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Founding Date



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Core Team


Roli Jindal



Pushpendra Johari