Rupyo is helping in making any day a payday.

Basic Information

New Delhi based Rupyo is an Earned Wage Access platform that enables employees of partnering firms to access their pay in real-time. They partner with change-making organizations and enable their employees to access their earned and accrued salaries whenever they need it. In a sense changing the concept of payday to any day. Rupyo was founded with the mission to empower the Indian workforce to adopt financial wellness and model their lifestyle around it. Attaining financial independence lies at the heart of their mission, creating a positive social impact and ensure everyone participates in the economic growth story of this country. Rupyo was founded with the mission to empower the Indian workforce by increasing their financial choices and model their lifestyle around it to ensure a sense of security and independence for each employee. In turn partnering companies profit from the improved productivity, engagement, recruitment & retention of their workforce, with zero cost or impact on their company’s cash flow. See more

Legal Name


Jay Kay financial Technologies Pvt Ltd



New Delhi, Delhi, India

Founding Date



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Core Team


Pragun Jindal

Co-Founder & CFO


Shivin Khanna

Co-Founder & CEO





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