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SANAL - Sustainable Alternative for Non-polluting Acclimate Living | Say No To Plastics.
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SANAL make's Conscious Awareness on plastics, and we increase people’s interest in Eco Friendly products. And we offer a suitable and Sustainable alternative for Plastics. We SANAL, refuse, reduce, recycle, reuse, repair, re-gift, recover and rethink-plastics and also encourage others to do so. To reducing our carbon footprints by choosing wisely, We help to replace all our home, office, utility and gifting products with eco-friendly alternatives. “The Best Partner for Sustainable Solutions” . We promise to leave this Earth stronger, safer, sustainable and more beautiful than I found it by..Let us save the Earth together!!!
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
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B2C,  D2C  
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Dakshnamoorthy Durairaj
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