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SaralX helps corporates make their digital products accessible for persons with disability.
Basic Information
People with disabilities, comprising of 15% of the global population, possess over $8T of disposable income. Despite this significant market potential, many brands fail to tap into it due to the inaccessibility and incompatibility of their websites, apps, and content with assistive technologies used by people with disabilities. Additionally, numerous legislations and regulations emphasize the importance of making digital offerings accessible. SaralX addresses this critical need by employing cutting-edge technology, a dedicated team comprising individuals with and without disabilities with expertise in accessibility and usability, and a group of designers and engineers. Together, they provide comprehensive feedback and remediation for digital collateral, including websites, mobile apps, and documents. This approach not only ensures compliance with legal requirements but also expands the brand's reach and demonstrates a strong commitment to inclusivity and equitable access for all.
Legal Name
SaralX Accessibility Private Limited
Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
Business Model
B2B,  B2G  
Founding Date
No. of Employees
11 to 20
Core Team
Akashdeep Bansal
Sunil Choudhary


Company Incorporation

Jul | Company Incorporation

Incorporated company in Jaipur

Started Generating Revenue

Aug | Started Generating Revenue

We got our first set of deal

Target Market
Software product companies
Client Segment
E-Commerce,  EdTech/Education,  SaaS,  FinTech  
Target Companies
Large Enterprise  
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