SecureThings provides a real-time cybersecurity solution for connected vehicles.

Basic Information

SecureThings has developed end-to-end solutions for vehicle security to ensure the protection of software, devices, and data throughout the connected vehicle ecosystem. Through a 5-pronged approach of detection, response, recovery, identification and protection, they take a holistic approach to cyber security; from product development to deployment and into updates and patches. With this defence-in-depth approach, security issues can be prevented and remediated when they arise. SecureThings begins with a detailed risk analysis of use cases, attack surfaces, and potential attacks to mitigate the impact and develop recovery plans. SecureThings technology stacks include software protection measures that can be built-in to source code, and/or deployed on software binaries. Once systems are deployed, SecureThings’ technology provides real-time insights and intelligence for continuous monitoring to detect any anomalous behaviours and vulnerabilities to prevent/detect attacks and minimize the impact. See more



Sunnyvale, California, United States of America

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41 to 60

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Vishal Bajpai

Co-founder & CEO


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RPG Ventures


SAB Holdings