See Sound Live provides people born with hearing loss with visual equivalents for different sounds to help them develop speaking skills.

Basic Information

Founded in 2014, New Delhi-based 4S Medical Research offers a mobile application called See Sound Live. The application helps provide virtual feedback to children with hearing impairment when they speak on the app, helping improve their speech. The See Sound Live application helps provide auditory feedback using a colourful pattern. When the users speak using the application, they see a pattern every time they make a sound. Therefore, their sound becomes a pattern for them. Users will start by making one or two sounds such as “aa”, “ee”, or “oo”. With practice, they will eventually learn the basic sounds and make words by joining sounds. The Android mobile application can be currently downloaded as an APK file from the official website. 4S Medical Research aims to create a major social impact for the deaf community, and make this technology become what the Braille system is to those with vision loss. See more

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4s Medical Research Private Limited



New Delhi, Delhi, India

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Shomeshwar Singh

Founder & CEO


Sirisha Singh






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