A California-based SaaS provider, SenseHawk develops management software for the solar energy space. Its Solar Digitization Platform helps accelerate solar projects from planning to production by streamlining processes and enabling automation. See more

Basic Information

San Francisco, United States based SenseHawk develops software solutions that work to streamline processes across the life-cycle of infrastructure assets, chiefly for the renewable energy sector. Its InSite tool works with the data acquisition tools including UAVs, IoT enabled devices, and SCADA systems for providing businesses, asset builders and corporate clients with functional information about their assets. It is split into four modules namely Terra- a terrain analysis tool that incorporates object detection, point cloud classification, and photogrammetry; Eye- a project management module that provides detailed construction progress assessment by leveraging AI-powered algorithms, and Therm IR- an inspection tool that uses thermal images obtained to detects all anomalies, classifies the detected issues, and provides a detailed health assessment of the plant; and Link- a flight planning tool. It provides the option, to clients, for adopting modules based on their requirements. See more

Legal Name


SenseHawk, Inc.



San Francisco, California, United States

Business Model



Founding Date


1st Jun 2018

No. of Employees


61 to 100

Core Team


Rahul Sankhe

President & Co-founder


Swarup Mavanoor


Target Market


The SenseHawk Solar Digitization Platform (SDP): Built for solar, this SaaS platform help companies in solar energy industry streamline their processes, enhance asset performance, and improve their teams’ productivity further. The SDP enables digital transformation to support intelligent action that helps manage and optimize the entire solar asset lifecycle. The SDP integrates geospatial data, sensor data from drones, SCADA and other systems, and workflows to create a single source of truth for all stakeholders. The SDP eliminates data silos, enabling cost efficiency and enhanced asset performance by helping the development, engineering, procurement, construction, quality, and O&M teams operate on one asset-centric platform. Know more at www.sensehawk.com

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Large Enterprise, Medium Enterprise, Small Enterprise, Startup

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