Sentier Mind is India’s most trusted organisation for mental wellness and holistic wellbeing.

Basic Information

Mumbai, Maharashtra based Sentier Mind was established in 2014 and provide Online/Telephonic/In-person Counselling to individuals and offer workplace wellness services like Employee Assistance Program (EAP), HR Support and Wellness Support to Corporate. Along with this, they also provide Student support programs to educational institutes and Counselling services to individuals and couples. Their recently started to provide trainings and talks to upskill professionals and students. They work closely and strategically with their clients to nurture and enhance the emotional and psychological wellbeing of their employees, students or individuals. Their professional services offer their users and organisation evidence based robust strategies and interventions for personal and professional issues around wellness, wellbeing and health. They believe in being agile when it comes to deliver the best to clients, hence their focus is to deliver accurate and ethically correct service within shortest time-frame for a longer period of time. See more

Legal Name


Sentier Mind



Mumbai, Maharashtra , India

Business Model




Founding Date



No. of Employees


21 to 40

Core Team


Rimpa Sarkar



Neelima Goswami


Revenue Streams