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Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu based Shivane’s boutique is the one-stop designer shop for every woman who is looking to dress to express herself more than just impress others. Their boutique offers a wide array of an impressive collection personally curated by Ms Hema – who has grown the boutique with tender loving care from a small outlet in 2007 to 750 Sq. feet two storey store in 10 years. Hema’s passion for dresses with innovative designs and style was evident from her childhood days when she designed her own beautiful little outfit. However, as they say all good things take time to come to life. So, she had to wait to finish her master’s degree in Commerce and Business Administration to get over and then she pronto started pursuing her childhood passion. Ms Hema believes that fashion is what one is most comfortable in and one that brings out different shades of your personality. She believes that while fashions and fads can come and go, the style remains forever and is more honest. Their Salient Features: Specialized in handloom silk sarees, cottons, organza, linen & salwar dress materials; Expert in choosing good color combinations that creates unique designs; Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh South silk sarees available all time; Worldwide Delivery With Nominal Shipping Charges; 100% Handpicked Selectively Picked by The Team; Assured Quality; Silk Mark Certified. See more

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Shivane's Boutique



Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, India

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11 to 20

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K. Hemamalini


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