Basic Information

SmiKar Software was founded with one thing in mind – creating tools that would make it easier to administer an ever growing, risk adverse, complex environment. They have been in the IT industry for over 30 years and have worked for leading and large IT companies, so they’ve seen first hand how hard system administrators work. SmiKar Software created SnaPatch (which is pronounced “snap-patch”) to make it easier, and with less risk for administrators to patch and manage their windows fleet. They have personally witnessed on a number of occasions where a server was patched, only to then have it cause problems for the application it was running on. Trying to resolve these issues is always a major headache, and typically ends up meaning the server has to be restored from backups, or worse, spending many weeks reinstalling and re-configuring the application! This gave us the inspiration to develop something that would remove that risk, be simple to setup and use, and not cost a fortune. See more

Legal Name


SmiKar Software



Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Business Model





Founding Date



No. of Employees


11 to 20

Core Team


Mark Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Jan | Company Incorporation
Company formed, and first application released

Target Market


Developing tools to assist Devops, Administrators manage their Azure, Microsoft and VMware environments

Client Segment


Administrative Services, Blockchain, Technology, Enterprise Tech

Target Companies


Small Enterprise, Medium Enterprise, Large Enterprise

Target Geography