Sparkles is an AI-powered dating app that aims to foster authentic connections and empower singles to form meaningful relationships via shared experiences.

Basic Information

Sparkles is an AI-based, experiential, hyper-personalised matchmaking platform. Sparkles uses AI to hyper personalise matchmaking. At every step, there’s assistance. Users need to select what they are looking for - called Moods. They then select their partner preferences and the kind of experiences they would want in that Mood. Their selections aren’t displayed on their profile, and hence users are more honest about what they want. They see a compatibility score, their match’s pictures and bio and can use any four swipes and the ability to redo swipes to set expectations right. This removes ambiguity as most users know what the other person wants from them. Once they ‘sparkle’ each other, they can chat, make a date plan, the app will throw up common experiences between them, and they can buy experiences at discounted prices, both can split the cost, or one person can buy it. See more



Austin, Texas, United States of America

Founding Date



No. of Employees


11 to 20

Core Team


Priyanka Sehgal