Sparrow is creating a network of autonomous multi-sensors for providing continuous and real-time measurement to understand our environment and create simple solutions.

Basic Information

As a young startup established in Switzerland, Sparrow dedicate themselves to exploring news opportunities and executing complex technology projects. Their vision is to become a global platform for data collection, harvesting and computing for populated environments. A powerful, multi-micro sensors are attached on vehicles such as taxi-cabs, ridesharing or other urban vehicles to scan the environment while they roam the city. It is the first system to offer a comprehensive, continuous, real-time monitoring and data collection solution. Their proprietary data blending and analysis system can provide a broad variety of data and insights, from air pollution to traffic patterns, from road conditions, to local infrastructure problems. This data is ‘digested’ and presented in easy-to-understand, visual form – and given context by blending this data with historical and open-source information. The novel concept will enable, for the first time, a cost-effective solution for the urgent need of city leaders, policymakers and residents to make decisions based on actual real-time data, insights and knowledge. See more



Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland

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Core Team


Maxim Interbrick

Co-Founder & COO


Elshad Hajiyev

Chief Executive Officer


Vahtang Gegechkori

Chief Technology Officer