Subconscious AI generates Highly Accurate Trust Score For Every Connection In Real-Time.

Basic Information

Bengaluru, Karnataka based Subconscious AI’s neural fabric and ML platform compute highly accurate trust scores for every server, user, and endpoint in real-time. Their cloud-native APIs integrate into the Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems to enable Adaptive Access Control. They help organizations to Ensure every user is whom they claim to be, Continuously verify trust for each connection, service, and node, Grant and Modify privileges based on actual behavior and Take action before a risk turns into a breach. Their Salient Features: Observability Meets Security - Their agents observe events across your infrastructure, from application logs to kernel events. They compute a highly accurate measure of trust for every connection in real-time; Comprehensive Identity & Access Management - Their Zero Trust APIs integrate into your access management system, enabling dynamic modification of privileges based on user behavior in real-time; Real-time Proactive Defence (Coming soon) - Their lightweight ML agent can get into a kernel (eBPF technology) and observe system events. It can detect anomalies and measure the trust of active connections without any need for logs. It can also take evasive actions against ransomware attacks; Sparse and Federated AI (Coming soon) - Their agents learn on the job and teach each other using federated AI. This swarm wisdom helps us to scan threats in your vicinity and issue alerts pre-emptively. See more

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Subconscious Compute Pvt Ltd



Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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Dilawar Singh

Co Founder and CTO


Anter Virk

Co Founder and CEO





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