Suki is a leading technology company that provides AI-powered voice solutions for healthcare. Its flagship product is Suki Assistant, a voice enabled digital assistant for doctors that helps physicians complete documentation 76% faster on average. See more

Basic Information

Suki's mission is to lift the administrative burden from doctors, so they can focus on what matters. Speak naturally, and Suki generates a comprehensive, accurate note based on the doctor's preferences that integrates with the patient's chart and encounter in Cerner. Suki gets smarter with use and has helped doctors reduce documentation time by an average of 76% based on time-motion studies. Healthcare organizations that use Suki increase their revenue through 12% higher encounter volumes and 19% lower claims denial rates. Suki is used across dozens of specialties, including family medicine, cardiology, plastic surgery, and orthopedics. See more



Redwood City, California, United States of America

Business Model



Founding Date



No. of Employees


61 to 100

Core Team


Punit Singh Soni

Founder & CEO


Ajith Warrier

Chief Technology Officer

Revenue Streams

Target Market


Health systems, clinics, and healthcare technology companies.

Client Segment


HealthTech / MedTech / Healthcare

Target Companies


Large Enterprise, Medium Enterprise, Small Enterprise

Target Geography


North America