Using augmented reality to make vineyards across the world future-ready
Terraview’s drones and proprietary algorithm-based image-processing solution leverage ML, AI, and AR to assess the state of vineyards across the globe. Terraview’s solution integrates an interrelated network of digital and other technology-enabled support tools, including aerial analyses, in-depth land-use pattern reports, advanced sensors, augmented reality, and an advanced image processing and machine learning classification algorithm. These tools enable farmers with assessments and computations in the areas of canopy cover, soil hydration, weather prognosis, pruning, and detection of bacteria and fungus and pest infestations. Terraview’s SaaS platform-based solution will soon be made available in Italy and France.
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    With the help of image processing, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and augmented reality (AR), Terraview is enabling vineyards across the world become future-ready. The Singapore-based startup does this with drones that collect high-quality images, which are then processed using the startup’s proprietary algorithm. The company’s solution thus gives vineyards a real-time pulse of the land and the produce. Terraview’s SaaS-based platform is currently live in Spain. The platform has been built specifically for vineyards that lose a significant amount of produce because of low-tech viticulture. In terms of the market share, Terraview’s growth is expected to be influenced by the high inflection point of viticulture globally. Besides, the demand for wine is at a high and will continue to grow over the next decade. At present, the global wine market is valued at a little over $300 billion and is expected to cross $400 billion by 2020. A young startup, Terraview raised its series A round of funding from well-known investors in India in September 2019. It also entered the market of Spain’s vineyards to address the owners’ dire concern over losing output to various issues. With changing weather patterns and an unprecedented global demand, optimising for quality to produce better stock and driving efficiency to produce higher volumes are going to be significantly important requirements. Terraview is working towards addressing these global needs.


    Funding Rounds and Investors
    Tanglin Venture Partners, Sujeet Kumar, Kalyan Krishnamurthy, Binny Bansal, Ankit Nagori, Abhishek Sharma
    Sep 2019