The Basics is a women's health and wellness brand that creates products with a mix of Ayurveda and modern science to treat symptoms of PCOS, periods, and hormonal imbalance.

Basic Information

The Basics was founded by Suchita A Mukerji, after her struggle with PCOS. She couldn't find a solution to her symptoms. This led her to creating one herself. The Basics is an Ayurvedic women's health and wellness brand that creates products and services to help women manage their symptoms and heal their body from within. Our philosophy is to go "back to the basics"- our roots. We want women to feel their best without harming their body or having to use band aid solutions. The power nutrition and natural ayurvedic ingredients have to heal and nourish is impeccable. We also aim to be a platform that acts as a voice to represent women, share valuable information, and have heartwarming conversations! See more

Legal Name


Sucheetah Health Foods Pvt Ltd



Mumbai, Maharashtra , India

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Core Team


Suchita A Mukerji

Founder & MD