The Great Indian Derby is Gamifying Science Concepts.

Basic Information

Mumbai, Maharashtra based The Great Indian Derby’s goal is to gamify science concepts. Simply put, They are ‘Sugaring the Pill' for the purpose of making learning more interesting. They are teaching concepts of physics through woodworking. Lying at the intersection of art and science, they are providing their users the benefits of both worlds. Here, each racer crafts a car with a block of wood, using their toolkit with four wheels and axles, as per Motion Physics. Then they race with other car makers on their free-fall track, where gravity is the only force acting upon the car. They provide their users with a 7-inch block of fine-grained German pinewood. From the lineage of Methuselah and Prometheus, one of the world's oldest living organisms. Their TGID toolkit is a set of hand tools which help them craft their own car from the block of wood. So, their users can shape their car aerodynamic, align the centre of mass and polish the axles. See more

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The Great Indian Derby



Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Vivek Shankar